Volunteer Help Wanted


Because I am blind as well as very “digitally-challenged,” I would love to have someone help manage the new Lake Willoughby Nude Beach blog: http://willoughby.jimccunningham.com

I would like to be much more faithful with postings, etc. People have sent photos and I don’t even know how to upload them.


If you give us 5 hours of your time, you can pitch a tent or park your camper on our land for the night. Then you might want to sally forth from here to explore the many sites in northern Vermont where skinny-dipping is customary, or maybe some where it isn’t so customary anymore and you can help restore the place to its original purity and integrity. You can also use our Finnish, wood-fired sauna and have some fresh eggs from our coop.


Things we need to have done include:


·        Farmwork: cleaning/repairing the chicken coop, repairing sheep fencing

·        Yardwork: cutting firewood, hauling it, stacking it, mowing the lawns, gathering debris like fallen limbs and burning this brush, helping with landscaping & gardening

·        Other: Painting & staining, repairing the road by filling in pot-holes with stones


If you would like to help out as a volunteer in some way, email me and let me know. Believe me, we appreciate it.


N.B. We do not work on the Lord’s Day, and we don’t let anyone else work for us then either. According to tradition, this is Sunday, the day when Jesus rose from the dead, and when the Holy Spirit first descended on the infant Church at Pentecost. If our house is on fire, you can help us put the fire out on Sunday, but you can’t stain our house or mow our lawn. If keeping the Sabbath was not important, it would not be one of the ten commandments along with “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”