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Greg Cook (Portsmouth, Virginia):

I received Our Wonderful Bodies! on Monday. Praise God! What beautiful images of God found there in! My wife, who is a bit overweight, and always self-conscious about it, told me once before that she does not like how nudist photos are usually of skinny females (I guess the few she has seen). It was good for her to see your magazine showing much more balance, with people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. Awesome! She does not like nude photos, especially of children, which is due to past experiences with those who misused her and others, so I was surprised when she commented about one picture of a pregnant lady and her daughter, saying, "Ahhh! That's cute!" As simple a comment as it was, it blessed me beyond imagination because it shows she is growing, and becoming more accepting, seeing the wonderful works of God for what they are. I did not have a chance to read the articles yet, but from just skimming through them, I see they will be good, too.

Thank you for another good work, and God bless you!


John Tygrett (Bolt, WV):

I recently ordered Our Wonderful Bodies! from the Naturist Society and have to say when I saw the book in their catalog I thought from the brief description of the book that it would be good. However, after reading it cover to cover, it is amazing just how great a book it is, not only is it informative and educational but very well written as well and is one of the best if not the best book I have ever read.


Brian Somers (Chicago, Illinois):

You two really worked hard on this issue, and the results truly speak for themselves. The combination of OWB! with Vermont Unveiled will pack a powerful 1-2 punch on anyone's coffee table. Congratulations on a job well done!


Martin Brown (Redding, California):

Just a note to tell you how very impressed I am with OWB!. A superb publication in every respect, and well worth the wait. Thank you for presenting naturism in such a beautiful light.


Jim T. (Interlochen, Michigan):

Received my issue of OWB! All I can say is thanks for putting together such a wonderful book. The writing and photographs are terrific, and show the body for what it is, a wonderful and glorious creation of God—in His image!


Stephen Grace (Queensland, Australia):

Thank you for the superb book (OWB!) which I received yesterday. The production values are truly excellent and the selection of photographs outstanding.


Jim Woods (Chuckey, Tennessee):

With so much junk out there in the nudist/naturist world OWB! is a true breath of fresh air. It is one publication, alongside Vermont Unveiled, that I would not be in the least ashamed to let my home church pastor and his wife read through. The articles are excellent. There is no better introduction for one contemplating chaste nudism. Great job, NLI!


Ernie C. (Lenexa, Kansas):

What a wonderful issue of OWB! I enjoyed every page. Jim, you were outstanding with the articles!


Rev. Dr. Arthur Yabourg (Springfield, Massachusetts):

I want to relay commendations regarding the publication of OWB!. It is one of the best pictorial defenses of naturism in print. While Vermont Unveiled remains a favorite for it's splendid photography and thought provoking text, OWB! will reach an even wider audience. With a collection of photographs from around the world, OWB! reveals ordinary people of all ages, shapes, and sizes as 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14). The textual commentary is concise and cogent—an enlightening defense of naturism using Scripture, tradition, history and common sense. The section on making ethical choices is a splendid resource for both naturists and textiles alike. Like NLI magazine and VU, OWB! is tasteful, attractive, and thought provoking. I endorse it as a vital resource for all naturists and a must-read for all who are curious about what naturism is genuinely about. May God bless you in your work!


D. J. (Salt Lake City, Utah):

I received OWB!. Congratulations on producing such a compelling introduction to the clothing-optional lifestyle, especially for Christians who may be entrenched in the mind-set that nudity is narcissistic or even blatantly sinful. I am impressed with both your writing style and your background as a Bible scholar. OWB! was recommended by the Latter Day Saint (Mormon) Skinny-Dippers Club to its members on the Web.


Mark Storey (Shoreline, Washington):

OWB! is a strikingly beautiful pictorial of naturist life…

If you have non-naturist friends—and especially those with a leaning toward Christianity—this is the best thing Cunningham has produced yet to shut down all nonsense about naturism being “dirty” or “sinful.” Here we have simple, unapologetic family naturism at home, in the garden, at a lake, alone, in groups…in short, in life.


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