Cunningham's MAINE Coloring Book




Item#: MECB $7


Illustrated by Linda "Maggie" Cunningham

Edited by Jim C. Cunningham

Annotated by Jim Hunter


1988 This is a handsome, "gifty" coloring book.

65 original illustrations by Linda "Maggie" Cunningham depict Maine life, culture & history. 8.5 x 11 format, black ink on off-white paper, soft cover, spiral bound. Printed on quality paper with cover that has a red, deckled edge going down the right side. Some blank pages interspersed here and there invite children to do their own drawings. There is also tracing paper interspersed throughout. Some drawings are simple, for the younger children, while others are more sophisticated, thus accommodating all ages.


This is not a naturist book.

MECB has a lot of significance for the Cunninghams because it was while staying near Norridgewock in 1988 whence Jim would set out daily on his sales trips to book stores and gift shops that Jim suddenly went blind while driving to Bangor. He barely managed to make it to the nearest ophthalmologist, who diagnosed vitreous hemorrhages in both eyes. Jim returned to Linda and his five children near Norridgewock in the passenger seat of the cab of a flatbed truck, carrying his station wagon. From that day the lives of the Cunninghams drastically changed, adjusting to Jim's new disability.


Jim and Linda also published Cunningham's VERMONT Coloring Book and Cunningham's NEW ENGLAND FLOWERS Coloring Book. The rights to the Vermont book were sold to Northshire Book Store in Manchester Center, Vermont. The FLOWERS book is now out of print. Works in progress that had to be aborted because of Jim's blindness included a RUSSIAN and a HAWAIAN coloring book.


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