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I am so confident that if you see just one issue of Naturist LIFE International magazine, you will want to acquire more of them, that I will send you one (my choice) for free if:


·        You live in the USA*

·        You send $2 to defray the postage and show your sincerity (this is less than the actual postage)

·        You have not seen an issue before

·        You provide your name and mailing address and phone (optional) and email address (optional)


Send your request by snail mail to:

NLI, 260 Carmel Rd., Westfield, VT 05874 USA


*Outside the USA:

If you live outside the USA send $5 USD to defray Air Mail postage.


If you need to learn more about what NLI magazines are, read all about them at the “Cunningham’s Store” link at our home page.