VU2 Readers' Comments


John L. Wood (New Hampshire):

VU2 arrived, and it's gorgeous! I've only started to read it, but already I can see that it's truly exceptional. My own enjoyment is increased by recognizing many scenes from the photo safaris I was on this summer, and last year in southern Vermont. Now I can hardly wait for next spring to explore some of the sites I hadn't known about, and revisit familiar ones.

          Please accept my congratulations and pass them along to your very able "staff." I wish you all success with this wonderful book, and look forward to seeing you all at the next REUNION or sooner.


Matt Sutkoski (Richmond, Vermont):

VU2 is fantastic. You really worked hard, and it shows. The photography is beautiful; the essays and directions are great. Since most of the photographs were taken in the summer, I find myself staring longingly at the photos as if to dispel the cold, grey skies outdoors this time of the year.

          Congratulations on the book; it is really wonderful.


Fr. Gerry (Pennsylvania):

I hope you can catch an echo of my loud and admiring congratulations! I am so pleased to have VU2. You've done a wonderful job -- with fine photos, lively text, and a very attractive layout! It makes part of me grumpy for living so far from Vermont. I hope you have a good measure of pride in your work!


John McClean (Texas):

My copy came yesterday and I was astounded and proud. I thought you were just blowing hot air in your raves prior to publication, You were right, it was worth the wait. Fine job. I'll order a few more if I can find the money.


Mike & Joycey Loomis (Illinois):

We've received your VU2, and would like to relay to you that it truly is a beautiful book and guide. My wife commented several times that the photography is beautiful and tastefully done, as always. It makes us want to visit Vermont and see the area, never having been there.


Bob Smiley (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):

My copy arrived before Christmas as promised, and it is great. Great quality, text and photography.


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