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Steve Schafer (Crown Point, IN):

Out of all the Nudist mags I get, yours is by far the only magazine I've found--domestic or foreign--that addresses the day to day concerns of us everyday nudists.


Doug Fitzgerald (Callaway, Florida):

I have to say the cover photo on NLI No. 22 has to be one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Karel Novak has produced a masterpiece. I have to look at it every day.


Dot Hall (Edenton, NC):

I'm so grateful for the remarkable gift you've given us all through NLI. It's

truly inspiring, encouraging, and a great source of sanity.


Alan Palmer:

You have the best publication out on the market. It is a shame it can't be monthly.


Daniel Chalifour (Marblehead, Massachusetts):

…pretty impressed. You've come a long way in the year I've been receiving NLI.


Ed Maskevich (Holland, Michigan):

NLI continues to be absolutely top notch, with many thought-provoking articles and a number of regular features that are eagerly anticipated.


Nat (Kissimmee, Florida):

Never have I read a more interesting or enlightening publication on naturism.


Wayne Carpenter (Portage, Michigan):

NLI is beyond reproach, beautiful in execution and ideology.


Robert Blacksmith (Salem, Oregon):

NLI No. 20 arrived today. I'm enjoying it. Also, a sample copy of "Naturally." What a contrast!


Rev. Charles Waugaman (Jamaica, Vermont

NLI is the only magazine of its kind that really has value.


Tommy Hoff (Manchester, Connecticut):

NLI magazine is a gift that God sends us through the Cunningham family! The

photos truly are holy cards. The writing and presentation is great. NLI, in my humble opinion, is not only the best naturist/nudist publication I have seen, it is one of the best Christian publications I have ever seen. The key there is that you relish in the teaching moment in a clear, pastoral manner.


Fr. Michael Lyons (El Campo, Texas):

Enclosed please find my check for $250 to cover a lifetime NLI membership. It is with great joy and thanksgiving to God that I send this check to NLI. In my nine months in social naturism, I have found the NLI gymnosophy to be affirming and challenging. NLI is genuinely pro-life, assisting people in discovering their dignity and their best selves in the right here and right now.

Keep up the excellent work. God bless you just the way he made you, and, of course, he made you naked.

Your magazine's quality and content far surpass other nudist publications, its articles and photos show a natural outlook on nudism for newcomers and seasoned nudists alike.


Bob Brown (Snellville, Georgia):

You have a great magazine. It is the best I have ever read.


Melvin O'Neill (Woodland, Maine):

The Christian nature of your publication makes it very easy for us to bring up the subject of naturism and to show your magazine to our non‑nudist friends.


John Ball (North Platte, Nebraska):

Naturist LIFE International magazine is a thought provoking read, spiritually enriching, a pleasure to the eye and a comfort to the soul.


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