Donations Appreciated


As all NLI veterans know, my work has never been "just a business." Rather, it has also been very much "a labor of love," and many have shared in our work by helping to subsidize it with their donations of any amount. One generous benefactor, who gifted us with $10,000 several years ago, greatly helped to subsidize my four years' work of editing Nudity & Christianity. Please do not imagine that smaller gifts are not valued. As pragmatists say, "$10 is $10," and we definitely "feel" it and greatly appreciate it. We live frugally and do our best to make every dollar count. So, if you want to make a donation to "NLI," just send your check to our address at the "Contact" link on our home page, or, if you prefer using a debit/credit card, email us and ask us to email you an invoice through PayPal.