NEW Contact Information


Jim C. Cunningham




Snail mail:


260 Carmel Rd., Westfield, VT 05874 USA


Phone: (802) 744-6545


[I often nap from mid to later afternoon. My phone rings 7 or 8 times before the answering machine comes on, in order to give me adequate time to get to the phone without killing myself. Remember that I am disabled, and might be quite indisposed when you call, needing to put my prosthesis on and negotiate many stairs before being able to pick up the phone. So please be patient, and do not be reluctant to use the very handy answering machine, giving your name, number and best time to return your call. Frequently, I will be able to call back immediately, having needed just an extra minute to make it to the phone. Thanks for "baring" with me!]