Vermont Unveiled, Editions 1 & 2




Item#: VU 1 Out of Print (CD only) $7


Vermont Unveiled, 1st edition, c. 1989, 7 x 10 format, color covers, B & W inside, 60 pages, out-of-print, on CD.


Guidebook to over 35 Vermont skinny-dipping sites. Wrap-around cover photo by David Peippo of girlfriend greeting the morning. Includes reprint of famous July 7, 1971 memorandum by Patrick J. Leahy RE: skinny-dipping. N.B. Unlike the 2nd edition of Vermont Unveiled (see below), not all photos were taken in Vermont; some were used simply to best illustrate the lifestyle.





Item#: VU 2 $20


Vermont Unveiled, 2nd edition, c. 1996, ISBN 0-9655540-0-7, 8.5 x 11 format, color covers & mostly color inside,

100 pages, soft cover, still in-print.


Guidebook to dozens of Vermont skinny-dipping sites. Cover photo by WJ Wallace of skinny-dipping group near Codding Hollow covered bridge in Waterville. Includes Prologue & Epilogue by JCC, photographic descriptions (with directions) of dozens of sites, more.

N.B. All photos in this 2nd edition were taken in Vermont.


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