BAREFOOT: The Journal of Natural Living


Introduction: In an attempt to increase our subscriber base, in 1986 we began publishing a new magazine under the masthead of "BAREFOOT" (BFT). Our scope was broadened from only Christian naturism to include all aspects of natural living, from diet and dress to ethics. In all, 2 issues were produced. Both are out-of-print but still available on CDs for $7 each.





Item#: BFT 1 $7


BAREFOOT: the Journal of Natural Living #1: Winter, 1986, 7 x 10 format, 40 pages, on CD.


Cover depicts old fashioned Christmas hearth scene. Includes What Is the Barefoot Philosophy? by JCC, Is Abortion Natural? Interview with Ethel List, Cathedrals of the Lord by Fred Gerty, (reprint) From the People's Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on breast-feeding, Herbology: Sage, Salvia Officinalis by Lorien Cruden, Charles Ezra's Birth by JoAn Easton, Book Review by Lorien Cruden of Herbal Medicine: the Natural Way to Get Well & Stay Well by Dian Dincin Buchman, Book Review by John Simons of Compelling Belief: the Culture of American Schooling by Stephen Arons, Book Review by David McKnight, D.C. of Circumcision: the Painful Dilemma by Rosemary Romberg, Confessions of a Family Chiropractor by Ron Marsh, D.C., Poetry, The Cormorant Question by Jim Hunter, Saturday Night Sauna in Vermont by Arthur S. Harris, Jr., In Giving, We Receive by JCC, premier of "Vermont…Naturally!" describing several different skinny-dipping sites per issue, including, for the first time anywhere--Lake Willoughby, Skinny-dipping Guidelines, Book Review by Jim Hunter of Original Blessing: a Primer in Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox, Book Review by JoAn G. Easton of Birth & the Dialogue of Love by Marilyn A. Moran, back cover is original calligraphy by "Maggie"





Item#: BFT 2 $7


BAREFOOT: the Journal of Natural Living #2: Winter, 1987, 7 x 10 format, 60 pages, on CD.


Cover depicts winter moonlit landscape by "Maggie" (Linda) Cunningham. Includes Letters, Everybody Can Be Wrong: the Confessions of a Non-Conformist by JCC, Follow your Heart…Natural Mothering by Debi Kvalheim, Book Review by Jim Hunter of Biblical Limericks: Old Testament Stories Reversed by Donald R. Bensen, Is Chastity Evolutionary? by Jim Hunter, Herbology: Chamomile Matriciaria Chamomilla by Lorien Cruden, (reprint) The People's Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on DPT & SID, Blue Dresses (fiction) by Jim Hunter, coloring page by "Maggie" (Linda) Cunningham depicts Chester A. Arthur, The Sylt Affair by Jonathan Brown, 5 Cunningham Home Births (4 by JCC & 1 by "Maggie" (Linda) Cunningham), "Vermont…Naturally!" includes famous July 7, 1971 memorandum by Patrick J. Leahy RE: skinny-dipping, Poetry, Homeschooling in Vermont: an Interview with Kathy Blair, Dandelion Run! by David White.


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