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Brian & Nancy Wappel (Battleford, Saskatchewan):

Nancy and I received your book (Nudity & Christianity) today. Thank you. It's only been in our house for hours, and we are so looking forward to reading it. Man, that is so much work doing this project. Love you for your dedication, commitment and belief. We love you guys.


Merwin "Mike" Van Doornik (Holland, Michigan):

Many thanks for Nudity & Christianity. What a pile of work, but we Christian nudists are grateful to have all that material in one place, in an attractive volume. I'm reading one chapter per day--two if they aren't too long! 

Thanks, Jim, (& to Linda & Kate as well) for this welcomed volume.


Michael Kush (South Florida):

Although not a Christian myself, I am familiar with the theology and both find your arguments lucid and compelling, and in accord with some of my own feelings, particularly regarding the "objectification" of the body so prevalent in our culture in pornography and "mainstream" media. 


Trygve G. Hansen (Radal Bergen, Norway):

N&C looks great! I understand that this has taken you a long time, because it seems like a monumental work. I think this book is a milestone (landmark) in the work with Christian naturism, and how Christians think about the body. I hope many will read it.

Thank you for making this very comprehensive and insightful book. I look forward to studying it. I believe it will take me several years! God bless you.


Ernie C. (Lenexa, Kansas):

 Your new book is already on my night stand. I just got done with the introduction and found it very well done.


Michael A. Kowalewski (Aurora, Colorado):

N&C is a wonderful contribution to anthropology and theology. I wish I had this book ten years ago; it would have been so helpful then.

N&C seems to be a culmination of much of your work. You have said what needs to be said and have documented it. This is good. Your introduction is interesting. Your main point is that social nudity is possible, healthy, moral, and needs to be practiced within a Christian culture that embraces the sexual moral ethics of the Gospel. You support this argument well, and follow it up with almost 600 pages of solid arguments. You assert the nuptial meaning of the body by maintaining that sex' rightful place is within marriage. In fact sex is a sacrament, and nothing less. Sex outside of marriage is not sex, properly speaking, but a deviation from it. I wish you were a little bit stronger on the immorality of birth control; this is key to understanding the nuptial language of the body and establishing a healthy culture for social nudity.


Dario Western (Yahoo group):

Jim C. Cunningham has finally produced his own book about Christianity and nudity. He is a staunch Catholic, having raised five children into the lifestyle. Although I disagree with a lot of his approaches to life, there is no denying that this book makes for essential reading for anyone who is interested in both Christianity and naturism.


Joel D. (St. Louis, Missouri):

N&C is a real “treasure trove” of great writing. As both a Roman Catholic and a nudist, I'm sure I will enjoy it. I can’t wait to dive in.

Congratulations! This is such a great accomplishment. You have every right to feel proud.


Ryan Thomas (Anchorage, Alaska):

I'm really proud of you, Jim. This published work is a big deal--perhaps bigger than we all might think. You really put yourself out there, not to mention out on the line. You have done a good work, friend.


Fr. Kenneth Delano (Taunton, Massachusetts):

I have just finished reading your book, Nudity & Christianity, and I am really impressed by the thoroughness with which you present the case for nudity for Christians. No objection has been left unanswered, whether it be moral, scriptural or social in nature, and a very good case is made concerning the benefits of social as well as private nudity.

Not everyone is going to agree with every scriptural interpretation made in defense of nudity, but even all but the most close-minded individuals will have to agree that public nudity was far more acceptable and common in biblical times and among the early Christians.

I also like how thorough both the Scriptural Index and the Topical Index are. These indices made Nudity & Christianity an unparalleled reference book on the subject.


Larry A. (Texas):

I've received the book. It truly is a great work you've done.

Congratulations. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Barry McCracken:

I bought your new book as soon as I saw it mentioned. This is a profound work. You have expressed many of the things I have understood from the scriptures but have been unable to put into words.

The descriptions of how the plan of salvation cleanses the believer of sin and restores one to the original state of mankind in the eyes of God is very moving and emotional. I am now trying to get other members of my family to read it. I feel if more people could understand the position we have in Christ the more willing they would be to shed the mark of sin we use to hide from others and our own selves, not only with clothing but with the accumulation of things used to make us feel important or better than others.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful book. May God bless your ministry and may many more come to the understanding of what the Second Man Adam actually did for us.


Fr Larry (N. Carolina):

I have been reading in your book and find the reading very enjoyable and stimulating. You've got a very lively style that never gets boring.I hope many

people will read the book as it says so many important things that are said nowhere else.


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